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Naturally Gluten-Free Cheese Bread

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Simple Ingredients

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Artisan Bakers

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Every Bread has a Story to Tell

Our Pandebono is a delicious Colombian-inspired gluten-free bun that represents a mix of cultures. We have taken Colombian culinary traditions and integrated local customs, ingredients, and flavours. The result of this unique mix is simply delicious.


At Moji Bakery, we believe delicious bread comes in all shapes and sizes. For us, believing that wheat-based bread is the only good bread stops the flow of creativity and the possibility of something extraordinary. To offer a new culinary perspective, we crossed cultural boundaries to recreate a Colombian-inspired gluten-free bun that has been enjoyed by many for hundreds of years.



About us

Our Mission

 Moji Bakery is a female-run bakery, whose mission is unite individuals, families, communities and cultures, one cheese bun at a time.  

Our Story

Our story began with the desire to revisit our Colombian heritage while immersing ourselves into our new Canadian culture. In 2011, we embarked on a journey to retrace our roots by recreating a one of Colombia’s most celebratory and staple breads, Pandebono.


This process did not come easy as many of the traditional ingredients are not easily accessible. After years of trial and error, we were finally able to develop a bread that married the traditional taste and texture of the pandebono with local ingredients.

Today, you can find our cheese buns across farmers' markets in Calgary.


Join us as we continue to grow our vision and unite communities and cultures one bite at a time.




Quantity: 6 Cheese Buns

Our signature pandebonos will add the perfect "bliss point" to your day. Try our delicious cassava-base cheese buns alongside your morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

Pandebono with Guava

Quantity: 6 Cheese Buns

Are you thinking of something sweet? These pandebonos filled with guava jam are the ideal contrast between sweet and salty.

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